Cornwall 2018

Hey everybody  !

Thank you for visiting my website and scrolling down my blog. This post is about something else than I normally focus for clients.

Landscape photography is my biggest passion after photographing people. It is relaxing and calming me down when I just watch the nature going by. I always stay at the location for a bit to make sure I explore it first with my own eyes and then I take out my camera.

This April me and my husband took a trip to Cornwall. We’d like to think of it as our new tradition (well, we have done it only 3 times) when we visit Cornwall on our birthdays which are 1 day apart. So apart from celebrating and spending time together, we also go around some new places and then I annoy my husband who always needs to patiently wait till I get  THE shot. Or I just leave him at the pub 🙂 

This year was still really cold and awfully windy but I still managed to get something so I hope you will like it. Please let me know in your comments below. I’ve also set up a new page on my website where you can see the price list and gallery which photos are for sale on canvas print.

Thank you for looking, liking & sharing ! 

Love, Hana 

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