Silvia in Kingston

Hello lovely people!!

Thank you for visiting my website, I hope it is not a first time and if it is, not the last! : )

I am always trying to keep it interesting and change my subjects, just so you can see what we can possibly do together in the future. I am open to all sorts of photoshoots and if you need to update your portfolio or you need crazy photos for your instagram, I am the one to help you out !

This time I was working with the amazingly talented Silvia, who made my day with her skills, flexibility and a massive smile (which unfortunately you can not see, due to her being so so focused while posing ! ) Thank you Alysia for doing Silvia’s makeup. Check Alysia’s make up Instagram right here.  

We did two sessions, the first one locally in Surbiton, Kingston upon Thames and the Hampton Court Park. 

Please, watch out for our second session from central London which I will be posting soon.

Some shots from London will be also on my Instagram but you will find the full album right here.

Thank you for looking, liking & sharing ! 

Love, Hana 

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