Hello and welcome again! 

I hope you like my previous galleries with the gorgeous families. Today is about the one last step before we can make that kind of family photoshoot. 

Zuzana & Martin already became parents to the baby girl Simonka few weeks ago. I could not be happier for them as they have this cutest baby ever. 

As you can see Zuzana was glowing during her last few weeks of pregnancy and I am honoured to be able to capture this happiness and all the love they have for each other and the new baby. 

I wish them all the best ! 

Thank you for looking, liking and sharing 

Love, Hana

Hany Photography

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  1. Wow! Amazing photography. Thanks a lot, for sharing beautiful photos with us.

    1. Hi Shakil ! Thank you very much for your comment ! I am glad you like the photos

  2. Fantastic family photography blog. So petty couple and how romantic this guy. Thanks for sharing this post with us.

  3. Pregnancy is a dream of women. Thanks for sharing your pregnancy photos with us.

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