Hello my lovely visitors ! Welcome to my blog gallery with Funso and Shaun and their couple photoshoot results !  

I haven’t posted in a while on my website but if you follow me on my Instagram, I am sure you have seen some of these portraits from this amazing couple photoshoot. 

Funso and Shaun asked me if I could take photos of them somewhere in central London. So we met up one afternoon back in August in London Victoria and had a little walk around. The sun was shining and we found some great locations and used natural light to our advantage. Although I love shooting in the direct sunshine to enhance features ( my favourite style is to use sun as a backlight. You can see a sample of it in one of the Funso’s photos alone. ) But with couple photoshoot is different. You want to avoid funny shadows on their faces as both are facing different directions. So we found a plenty of shade to shoot in and we got lovely soft light. 

I love doing couple photoshoots as it is so sweet to see two people in love, being all shy and hesitant at first. However, with time they get more comfortable and they even forget that I am there with them. And that’s my goal – always! To show the raw emotion and happiness and natural expressions. 

I really hope that these two enjoyed a couple photoshoot with me as I did! I can’t wait to see what you think of the results. 

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Love, Hana 

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