Welcome to my online gallery where you can see all the photos I have taken over the years in different locations, mainly London, UK and some Europe places.

I love travelling and everywhere I go I take my camera. I first spend some time absorbing the beauty with my own eyes, see the composition in my mind and how the photo should look like (obviously not everytime it works out !). For some of these shots I had to get up very early or stay in awful wind and cold but it was all worth it. It makes me stronger and better in what I do and let me look at world in different kind of view.

So I have decided I will put up some of these photographs online as I know it is important to decorate your empty walls with something interesting or sometimes even really simple.

I offer high quality fibre artist cotton canvas in all different sizes.

The sizes and prices

8″ x 12″ – £49

12″ x 18″  – £59

16″ x 24″  – £69

20″ x 30″ – £79

You can also buy digital version of my photographs, each at £25 (including limited copyrights).

If you have any questions, requests about different size, feel free to contact me anytime !

Thank you for looking, liking & sharing !

Love, Hana