Owner and data Controller

Hana Zielinska Belanova

Hany Photography

 Personal data I collect

I collect basic information about you like your name, address, phone number and e-mail address. 

How I collect and keep your personal data

If you have your details like phone number or e-mail address published on your social medias, websites or elsewhere for everybody to see, I might use it to send you an occasional promotion or update about my business. However, this does not happen very often as I don’ t go searching online for new contacts and spamming everybody. You might want to write to me, using my contact form on my website or simply via e-mail or my social medias. This is how I collect your personal data, but again it is only the details I mentioned in the first part of this document. If you would like me to delete you from my database, simply let me know and I will do it. 

I keep all the data strictly on my password protected computer and in my e-mail which is again password protected. 

Blog commenting

I have a blog on my website where I keep posting my latest news, photoshoots or experience. If you comment on it, it’s public so everyone can see it, so make sure you don’t write any personal details in the comments. 

Right of confirmation, access, rectification and erasure

I am happy to confirm to you what details of yours I keep, however I am pretty sure there will be nothing surprising, as you might have given me these details personally when you were booking a photoshoot with me. Anyway, if you are not happy with me keeping these details, again let me know and I will delete you from my database. If you are enquiring about the photoshoot but do not book, I will keep your details for few weeks, then I delete you. If you book with me, I keep your details for longer time, at least for 6 months after your order is processed. 

Use of your data

I can assure you I do not share any personal data with a third party.

Your details are very important to me as I need them to be able to contact you and that is all I need them for. 

Use of your face-based data

In my Contract / Term’s & Conditions you can see a bullet 1a., where I clearly get the client to agree / disagree with me sharing the photos on my website, on my social medias and in print for advertisement or leaflets. All this usage of the photos is purely for advertising my photography business, for showing of the art we created together and for inspiring my potential clients. If there is an opportunity for me to sell any of my photos with my clients in them, I will not make any sale without contacting the client before and having them decide if they would like to sell and possibly make some profit, too. For this a new contract must be written. 

If I take photos of any big event, such as birthdays, engagement parties, anniversaries, weddings – I kindly ask my client to let me know if there is anybody who wishes not to be photographed or published on my website / social medias / printed on leaflets. I respect those wishes and even if the client lets me know later, I take these photos down. I store all my photographs on my password locked computer.